Graphic Design

I also assemble images, typography, and motion graphics to create designs primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures (sometimes) and advertising. I am also skilled in user interfaces. I memorably present information. My work relates heavily to your corporate "persona." Branding your business requires your identity to be recognized in a commercialized industry. From scientific journals to news reporting, the presentation of opinion and facts are improved with my graphics and thoughtful compositions of visual information. My information design skills can be applied to everything visual, from Road Signs to Interoffice Reference Manuals.

I also take photographs to make money, by salary or through the display, sale, or use of those photographs. I manage camera and light crews working on live-action pieces, I can be responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to your images. I will select the proper camera, film stock, lens, filters, etc.; to realize the scene following your intentions.

Rates vary, 1-786-505-4172