Business Plans

You don't buy products; you buy benefits. You buy into the advertising of such benefits. The more persuasive my proposition generally wins your attention. I'll make audiences, of all kinds, stop and look at your ads - generating the attention you paid for. This leads to brand awareness, a key component of marketing "perception." When people are exposed to my ads, it causes changes in their behavior. I wouldn't be in advertising if it didn't work. You won't find anyone in advertising that questions whether or not it works, hence, why I put together this RV Mobile Billboard Business Plan. My advertising creates change in both the emotional and rational; this Micro-Camper Mobile Billboard Business Plan includes both components.

My advertisements surprise audiences, mainly because they're not typically seen in that nature. I'll make consumers of your products/services think about your brand. My type of creativity is a distinctive form of communication that has broken through the clutter to produce this Amphibious Human-Powered Mobile Billboard Business Plan. The goal is to have a fleet of all 3. 1-786-505-4172