Mobile Billboard Project

You don't buy products on a Mobile Billboard you buy benefits. 

You buy into the advertising of such benefits on the Mobile Billboard. They make audiences, of all kinds, stop and look at ads - generating the attention you paid for. This leads to brand awareness, a key component of marketing "perception." When people are exposed to ads in this medium, it causes changes in their behavior. I wouldn't be in Mobile Billboard advertising if it didn't work. You won't find anyone in advertising this way who questions whether or not it works, hence, why I put together this project. Advertising creates change in both the emotional and rational; this platform includes both components.

Mobile Billboard advertisements surprise audiences, mainly because they're not typically seen in that nature. They make consumers of your products/services think about your brand. This type of creativity is a distinctive form of communication that has broken through the clutter to produce Space. Space specializes in mobile billboards. The core of the unit starts with a High-Top Cargo Van. Using large magnets as "decals", magnetic wrap advertising completely covers Space in an advertisement for days, weeks, and months. The result is a mobile billboard. The mobile billboard is lighted, both backlit and employing spotlights. The sheets are later removed with ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements with vinyl stickers. 

Space intends to produce a prototype for 24-hour marketing machines. These mobile PR hubs operate within densely populated areas and vacation hotspots. Advertising on Space can either be done by a single company encompassing the entire unit, or dozens of businesses renting out specific sections. The units are riddled with transparent outdoor holders attached by suction cups. Roof racks facilitate the attachment of customized banners, flags, kites, and much more. Companies customize and order their weatherproof marketing material that can be securely attached to each unit.

Targeting the right demographic is vital in advertising; Space's platform can bring your marketing initiative straight to your target audience. Space has the potential to saturate every market with repeated exposure, driving your message home. You can reach out to valuable prospects, in the right place, at the right time. Space can bring any message or advertisement to hard-to-hit locations and will deliver immediate, overwhelming, and targeted results. 

Whether you're a media buyer, business owner/manager, event organizer, promoter, or private client, Space can market any message. Unlike other forms of advertising, Space can't be thrown out, turned off, or tuned out. It offers exceptional reach, visible to thousands of people in a short amount of time. Nothing else can guarantee coverage at the exact physical locations that your audience lives, works, or plays.

Space can run all kinds of media campaigns etc. We can be found at grand openings, major sporting events, festivals, concerts; you name it! Studies before COVID-19 show that advertising spending has increased significantly throughout the years. In the last three-quarters of 2019, mobile and internet advertising grew while older media advertising saw declines: −10.1% (TV), −11.7% (radio), −14.8% (magazines) and −18.7% (newspapers).

Today, bus stop ads Range from $150.00 to $600.00 for small to medium-size markets and $3,000.00 to $6,500.00 for high-income areas- per ad per 4 week period. Airplane pitches cost around $350.00 per flight hour, with a $100.00 setup charge for the banner. Billboard exposition costs range from $11,000 to $23,000 per 4 weeks. Taxi tops start at $325.00 per cab, and that's with a four-week campaign on 200 cabs, so unless you are willing to kick out $40,000.00, good luck entering that market.

For Metrobuses, a Beach Exclusive route it's $5000 for the Space per period. Each period is 4 weeks. For a full wrap In the general Miami market, we charge  $4000 for Space and one time $4200 for the production per bus. Price varies if they want to focus in Miami Beach only. If you're interested in more than one bus, you may be able to negotiate a better rate. Only those doing a full wrap usually are the only ones able to choose specific routes. Our clients determine our courses. Whether we are targeting one or several significant markets, we take direction from them. They'll receive photos of where I was, coupled with live GPS reports and optional drone footage.

The Revenue Model has Ad Campaigns of 1-7 days at $1,400 per day. Ad Campaigns of 1-2 weeks are $800 a day. Ad Campaigns of  2-4 weeks are generally $500 each day. I project Space earning $30k to $100k a year. That's with government and nonprofit organizations receiving discounts.

Startup Expenses vary. For example, the most significant expense is the High-Top Cargo Van. It costs roughly $26,000 for a Nissan NV, $29,500 for a RAM ProMaster, $30,000 for a Ford Transit, and $36,000 for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. With a solid cosigner, we can walk out of the dealership with any of the above for pennies on the dollar. So Funding Requirements are difficult to measure. The Use of Funds only includes the Van and the initial Space advertisement magnetic materials, as clients pay for their magnets. Production pricing ranges from $1,200 to $1,600 for two Space mobile billboard magnetic banners. With good credit, this can cost less than $10,000 down. Monthly payments will be generated from the business. 

Whoever has the most money invested in this prototype has the option of initially receiving such payments to allocate profits accordingly. Otherwise, weekly deposits will be directed to a treasurer that is appointed by whoever has the most money invested in said unit. If there is no treasurer to nominate, I take responsibility for money collection. Furthermore, investors can opt-out of receiving a percentage of net profits in exchange for your initial investment refunded through our marketing services.

My Marketing Plan includes Authority Backlinks, Reciprocal Linking, Site Submissions, Articles, 
Blogging, Newspaper/Magazine/Journals, Online Marketing, Partnerships/Joint Ventures, Press Releases/PR, Podcasts, Classifieds, Social Media, Stickers, Event Marketing, Radio Ads/TV Ads/Infomercials,  Telemarketing, Word of Mouth, and Viral Marketing, 

As a marketing business, we can drive our ads to our customers. I will also build a website, constructed explicitly for SEO, with blog posts every other day. Within a few months, our URL will be at the top of popular search engines. Services like Yelp and the Yellow Pages will also be used. Everything from classified ads to review boards can assist in bringing potential clients to Space before anyone else.

Once we Purchase the 1st vehicle, the business will purchase a fleet; then, we'll brand it as a franchise. My primary aim is to physically show investors a functioning Space to request additional funding and launch crowdfunding campaigns on websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo. A working demo is essential. 

The human-powered attachment 

Many municipalities have introduced strict laws to mandate against Mobile Billboards. This has partially been since wrap advertisements circulate throughout high-density regions. South Beach is a notable example, where any sort of motorized publication is outlawed. Mobile billboards (mainly the ones with LED screens) have been identified as a contributing factor in the city's already-problematic traffic congestion. By exploiting all mechanical and lawful loopholes to promote for pennies on the dollar, Space tows a human-powered attachment that blasts everything from public notices to political announcements.

To stay below camper specifications and within the legal requirements of a bicycle, a Mobile Billboard interior of 46.5 x 94.5 and a weight of 520 lbs is required. A person could easily pull a load of 600 lbs at a speed of about 8 mph, and a 1000 lb load at about 6 mph. They can park in prime marketing locations (inaccessible to automobiles), this Space attachment must connect to a bicycle. This relieves us from licenses and fees of all sorts. Stock displays to "ADVERTISE HERE" will be used as fillers until their respective slot is rented.

This prototype will be piloted along Ocean Drive, Washington, and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. Notices to increase consumer desire for this area is big business. The publicity acquired by placing this Mobile Billboard attachment beyond the limits of conventional vehicles, booths, and stands allows companies to penetrate their target audiences in ways others cannot. There are no requirements to ensure them let alone open up a business entity, as this Space attachment is a promotional concept in and of itself. Nothing is being sold inside each unit; thus, corporations like LLCs are outside of our scope. 

The estimated startup costs for this prototype is $5,822.00. An estimated $1,625.00 a week is easily projected from this prototype based on the numbers above. However, paying a minimum wage 24-7 costs $1,360.80; hence, promoters operate off a 25% commission based on the number of ads plugged on the Micro-Camper. Therefore, $412.50 is the projected commission for the dispossessed in a $1,625.00 week. Leaving behind a $1213.00 weekly profit for investors, and that's based on one medium-size bus stop ad used to measure the potential of an entire unit. The potential profit margin is far higher. 

Investments start at $2,000.00 for 10% of all net gains from each unit invested. $3,000.00 gets you 20%, and $4,000.00 grants you 40%. 60% costs $5,000.00, and 70% requires one to fund the entire prototype at $6,666.66. The % of profit each investor retains is also reserved for them to promote whatever they want on said unit. For example, someone with 10% of all net gains is entitled to 10% of that unit's exterior to market on indefinitely. However, the actual units will belong to me, Michael Anthony Alberta. As such, I am accountable for all issues that may arise. Investors buy into the profit margins, not the physical units, including the core.

Using a tubular steel frame, each Mobile Billboard is equipped with a 2000 lb rated dexter RV Axle with EzLube hubs and dual folding stabilizer and wheeled front jacks on 13" white spoke tires. Their all-season radial tires surround custom rims that accent the diamond plate fenders and front guards. Their aluminum exterior has a baked enamel finish with charcoal gray headliners and rot-proof PVC exterior trims.

Their 3/4" birch finish plywood walls coincide with their polylaminate undercoated floors. Using triple-seal cabin construction, this Space attachment provides maximum climate resistance. 30 "x 20" tinted safety glass windows keep such content private and out of the sun. A 22 "x42" RV locking entry door allows the impoverished to secure the cabin during scheduled downtime and rest. Foam flip sofas will let our disadvantaged to take cover inside when the weather doesn't permit. 

A large lockable storage box secures a BlueTooth tracked 1200Wh chainable generator with 12V, AC, USB, and Anderson power pole output exposed. The chainable generator connects to a chainable solar panel on the roof rack. The A/C unit comes with a marine-grade vinyl cover. Each Mobile Billboard Micro-Camper also has a 110v power strip with a standard connection to further power event appliances like waterproof flat screens and surround sound systems to broadcast commercials. Each 1-7/8 ball receiver contains a standard 4-prong attachment for LED taillights while towed on a motorized vehicle.

Amphibious Human-Powered advertisement

The Amphibious Human-Powered Mobile Billboard has its share of attachments. Space can become a buoyant lockable advertisement that can go practically anywhere. At 100lbs, 6.5ft long, 2.5ft wide and 4.5ft tall, the Amphibious pod through a standard 36" doorway as well as a standard 46" elevator. The Amphibious advertisement has a theme that can easily swap the color scheme depending on the terrain. Despite its boxed frame, even the strongest winds and waves can't penetrate it. 

2 longboards are strapped down to both sides through bungees for 8 wheels total. On the water, 2 inflatable pontoon hulls are held together, on both sides, by Bungie. Prefabrication is deliberately calculated so it can be pushed up a staircase or pulled out of the water by hand. Protected from nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, this Amphibious Mobile Billboard provides more than marketing; it's a very malleable basecamp that can adapt to various environments. The no-nonsense layout effectively optimizes the limited interior, giving the occupant not only comfort but amphibious functionality. For example, you may dock on the shore of some densely populated beach or by a private island party. 

On land, Space holds in place 2 removable folding longboards 2.), with the help of bungee cords, during transit. On the water,  2 inflatable trimaran hulls connect to the entrance hatch, with the help of bungee cords for stability. 
Hand-powered transport is carried out by custom telescoping staff with a combination of land paddle, spear, trailer bar attachment pulley, hiking stick, safety flag, pole anchor, kayak paddle and canoe "T" attachments. It's a giant swiss army knife that cuts through the noise so people can hear what you have to say.

Foot-powered transport can be carried out by connecting the longboards to a collapsible Fatbike. The Fatbike has Neoprene pads for pedals and the seat, as well as a hollow handlebar compartment to house things like a GPS tracker. The Fatbike has many gears and super thick tires capable of tackling steep terrain. Everything is fastened with custom screws to prevent theft. On the water, an inflatable catamaran conversion is used. 

Depending on our budget, it will be composed of either Titanium and or Carbon Fiber with Teflon and or Kevlar reinforcements. For a cheaper route, you could use good paint on steel. "steel hull paint".The usual ways to deal with metals that are kept in saltwater is to use a combination of paint and zinc anodes. PVC or Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP). Metals are more rigid than plastics. But the right plastics will last much longer. Not sure how it holds up to intense heat or blasts. Maybe a Polyisocyanurate Foam, Vinyl Ester resin, and Divinymat combo. Not sure how it stays up to extreme heat or blasts though.

A memory foam pillow and mattress topper inside a waterproof outdoor cover serve as the bed. Inside, a tense netting runs along 4 sides, providing cubby holes to put transparent bags in and hang things on. NBC air filtration with blast valves, over-pressure valves with water-tight twist caps, no larger than a baby's fist, and rest on both sides of the pillow area. The hatch to get inside is a lockable, blast-proof, water-tight, well-type, drainable floor door. Located directly in the center of the roof, it is sized so all attachments can fit inside during transport. 

A 6.5 foot high by 6.5 foot long by 4.6 wide PVC privacy enclosure is placed on top and covered with a waterproof camo tarp and camo leaf netting that can be used as a vertical garden. The shower area has an attached curtain, mirror, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and a 5-gallon bucket sun-heated shower bag. The bathroom uses a 5-gallon bucket toilet. The laundry area uses 2 5 gallon buckets, and a plunger for the washing machine and clothes are dried on the PVC pipe towel rack 5-gallon buckets are also used for food storage and miscellaneous caches Foldable acrylic boards are placed on top forming tables and chairs. The storage underneath the tables house a parabolic solar cooker, solar oven, and rocket stove combo. 

Tour paved roads, travel off the beaten track and explore remote locations while marketing. The Human-Powered Mobile Billboard is a versatile product with the potential to carve out new niches in several markets, from the prepping technomad to the everyday skater, surfer, and fisherman. It's the ultimate all-terrain micro-camper. The Human-Powered attachment combines modular convenience with a rugged design. This billboard can be framed as either a rolling or floating island, resort, cafe, water park, lounge, office, sleeping pod, rental stand, and more. The Amphibious Mobile Billboard easily adapts to government roles such as disaster response and emergency housing. This self-contained voyager has a multi-functional arrangement that can be used for everything from construction to surveillance. Space is entirely upgradeable, making it not only pragmatic but affordable.

Space's Amphibious attachment can go places where no other vehicles go. In many cases, it's not only small enough to bypass the land permit process but avoid Coast Guard and D.M.V regulations. If you had to label this attachment, it would be considered a human-powered amphibious vehicle. Despite its 6.5 foot frame, it is designed to develop temporary military-grade real estate where it is sought after most. 

Space goes beyond marketing. Penthouse, mountaintop, and waterfront properties continue to rise internationally due to high demand and a dwindling supply. The market is only going to get higher; as small coastal towns grow into cities, more people will start purchasing property as steep as they can and as close as possible to the water. 

Although It's all about location and close to 90% of people alive live by the water, these low-lying areas are susceptible to rising sea levels, natural disasters, and attacks from rival nations. By remixing the quintessential doomsday bunker, this Mobile Billboard attachment allows you to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives of such locations. It can even facilitate areas at the risk of disappearing. To maintain a claim to statehood, endangered regions can form Space communities. With that logic, if enough of us assemble, we can produce our autonomous modular state, a mobile seaborne nation redefining what it means to be a movement. 

Competitor's key strengths: They aren't as light or as small as the Amphibious Mobile Billboard. Competitor's key weaknesses: they aren't as light or as little. The size of The Amphibious advertisement is both a gift and a curse. However, the attachment is positioned to outperform competitors for the following reasons:

It is light enough to get pulled or pushed by the average person manually and small enough to fit through traditional entrances and exits. The Human-Powered Mobile Billboard functions just as efficiently on land as it does water.  It creates "synthetic real estate" in prime positions with little, to no, ecological footprint.

The attachment will be the 1st human-powered amphibious vehicle with living quarters on the world market. It is built with the survivalist in mind. This Mobile Billboard is silent, with no engines or electronic parts. It doesn't have the same taxes and laws as a permanent structure, motorized vehicle, or watercraft.

Once we determine what materials to use, based on the budget investors give me to work with, then we can determine what suppliers to use and develop a prototype Mobile Billboard. I don't invest my time or money based on assumptions, and I wouldn't expect you to either. That said, on this business plan, you won't find things like a Projected Balance Sheet, Break-even Analysis, Projected Profit and Loss, Projected Cash Flow, or Sales Forecasts. In short, 2% of profits generated from The Amphibious Human-Powered advertisement will go toward every $5,000 invested. The estimated cost is between $10,000 and $20,000 to produce a prototype for commercial use. Once in mass production, The Mobile Billboard attachment will retail for under $5,000 as a base model. Investors can opt-out ownership and simply preorder the Human-Powered advertisement to help fund its launch.

Once the attachment is finalized, we will form reseller and dropship agreements with companies to mass-produce it. Through such products, the Amphibious Mobile Billboard can achieve energetic autonomy. By carefully conserving energy supplies, and harvesting them wherever possible, everything from propulsion to general use is virtually unlimited. 

Human-Powered attachment accessories include a Hand-Crank Emergency combo (Flashlight Beacon, Cell Phone Charger Digital Radio) all in 1 Multi-Purpose unit. Also, a rugged NOAA weather/AM/FM radio that charges either by hand crank or solar panels. Our waterproof portable solar chargers will have a USB port and 9000mAh battery for when the clouds block the sun. The Solar Security Camera will come equipped with a Motion Detection and Outdoor Solar Spotlight. We'll also carry Solar charged lanterns (3D solar towers), High-Velocity Mini USB Fans, LED Adjustable Gooseneck, and Headlamp USB Lights, as well as Water Bottles that create water from humid air.

Any additional Mobile Billboard upgrade contains a built-in Motorcycle Attachment, Airboat Attachment, Submarine Attachment, Hot Air Balloon Attachment, Helicopter Propeller Attachment. Hydraulically-retractable attachments allow it to make seamless landings and takeoffs. The motors can propel the Space in the land, water, and air indefinitely thanks to passive solar, wind, and water energy principles. 

Realistically, I'd like to incorporate some kind of plasma screen and portable integrated alarm system that allows all electronics to be controlled and monitored from a cell phone or tablet. The app has location tracking and depth awareness and will enable users to turn on cameras, control door locks, and set the temperature. Once inside, it's also possible to control the Mobile Billboard using voice commands. Lighting color or brightness can, of course, be easily selected this way as well. These smart lights have sensors that flash or turn specific colors if certain problems are detected. It also has an automatic Identification System to warn other air, land, and watercraft of its presence, that can be turned off at will.

Moveable Cameras on feed Virtual Reality Gear used to drive. A navigation system with autopilot is also installed. The VR gear can be connected to other devices like gaming consoles, computers, and amphibious drones. The cabin has an Air conditioner and full LED interior and exterior lighting, an adjustable memory foam bed, and a micro-bathroom that uses photovoltaic, geothermal, and aerothermal water recycling devices.

Amorphous solar is shaped to match the curve of the Mobile Billboard's frame. Clad with a photovoltaic array connected to a series of batteries, these dye-sensitized solar cells are in the shape of Space's actual structure. Space can have solar cells in both the inner and outer layers. This way, both artificial light from the interior and sunlight can be harvested. This Mobile Billboard upgrade packs power in a marine battery and has marine-grade electrical components with sealed wiring running all through it. 

A deep-cycle battery charged by a power line, wind turbine, or solar panels provides instant change-over in a blackout. For a clear indication of all system states, 12-volt distribution, multiple USB charging ports, a smart charger for small batteries. A backup diesel generator is also aboard for extra precautions. We will exit with the Space Shuttle attachment

Camper Top Mobile Billboard Attachment

I'm also looking to develop a prototype for Space to take cargo vans like the Ford E250 and the GMC Savana 3500 and integrate it with the system above. Space's camper top Mobile Billboard attachments have mounts for a Lithium Iron Phosphate 12 Volt Battery and Monocrystalline Solar Panels on the roof. This small system (sold separately) will run anything that's traditionally in apartments and offices.

Space partitions "the Wetroom" with a velcro waterproof tarp (sold separately) that fastens to all sides of the interior. 2 long rust/waterproof poles run down the entire vehicle like a giant closet. Space's Sleeping Quarters features a coverable Skylight. Next to the Skylight and Wetroom are vents for fans (sold separately). Next to the Wetroom vent is a 26" x 26" Exit Vent. Encircling the Exit Vent are small hooks for a shower curtain (sold separately). The hooks are screwed a few inches apart, roughly 60 inches long, 30-32 inches wide. 

Next to the Exit Vent, pressed against the ceiling (still allowing 7ft of clearance), rests a sturdy mounted "water trunk" secure for 834 pounds (with a water outlet to feed the outdoor hose through). This sturdy mounted trunk holds a Portable Water Reservoir (sold separately). This is why PVC and Garden Hose Adapters are on both sides of the camper top. This Big Plastic Bag has a 100 Gallon Storage Capacity; thus, the overhead trunk is secure for 834 pounds. The chest is above and to the side of the shower area, so gravity disperses the water without pumps.

The Exit Vent leads to a roof-rack deck with mounts for an exterior hook-over ladder (sold separately) on the rear of the camper top. As the solar is confined to the front of the camper top, the rest of the roof effectively serves as a 2nd story balcony with mounts for extra lights and cameras (sold separately).

They're manufactured with standard black waterproof car paint that can be picked up locally anywhere that sells car paint.

Camper Top Mobile Billboard Attachment Accessories Include:

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and Solar Set-up

Velcro Waterproof black Tarp. Even though the Wetroom is sealed off, the poles go through the tarp's custom holes.

The shower curtain is black, customized to encircle a standard bathtub

Fans are painted with the same standard black waterproof car paint.

The Portable Water Reservoir also has a shiny black texture.

Hook Over Ladder provides access to the roof from the ground

Foldable black picnic table, chair umbrella combo. Since the solar is confined to the front of the roof, the rest of the deck has plenty of room.

Black Camper-top tent doubles living Space 

Extra inner and outer lights are painted with the same standard black waterproof car paint. 

Security cameras are painted with the same standard black waterproof car paint.

Space will work with several lenders who are eager to provide financing or leasing Mobile Billboards to qualified applicants. Financing is available for established businesses and also for startups. Everyone should have their own space..